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At 25 meters, you'll find the engine room and the car deck, a huge open area. The engine room has been penetrated, but it is a pretty small place, and still lots of stuff is floating around... like oil. Yuk.

Moving up to 18 meters you'll find the passenger section which has the heads, the bar, and lots of tables and chairs. Even though the ceiling is pretty low, this is safe to penetrate as the doors are now broken so there's no chance of being caught inside. For further penetrations, a reel is a must. 

At 12 meters lies the captain's cabin and the wheel house. Many things have unfortunately have been taken as "souvenirs", such as the wheel and telephone, but it's still a nice view over the bow of the boat. We did find a nice bottle of Mehkong Whiskey in the captain's cabin, so that makes you think a bit. No wonder they couldn't find him after the 'accident'. Hmmmm....

The smokestacks are sitting at about 6-7 meters, so a nice place to hang for your safety stop.

Lots of fish have been attracted to the wreck so far, as well as eels and zillions of crabs. It's location near to Shark Point has undoubtedly had something to do with it's rapid population growth.

It's extremely popular with local and visiting divers alike. You can do penetration dives. We couldn't have planned it better. Wow.

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