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Similan Islands Liveaboard - 4 Days/4 Nights aboard M/V Nautica

Departure Day 04:00 – 06.00 pm Pickup guests within Phuket. Via minibus, 2hrs transfer to the Harbor in Tablamu. Departure with destination to the Similan Island. Dinner will be served and a briefing about the following days will be given.
Day 1 Similan Islands
Day 2 Richelieu Rock
Day 3 Koh Bon, Koh Tac hai
Day 4
Arrival Day
In the morning some more dives around the Similan Island After Lunch cruises back to Phuket / Thailand. Arrival around 06.00 pm. Dembark MV Nautica.

Dive Sites

Similan Islands / Andaman Sea / Thailand


The islands are universally recognized as some of the best world-class diving. The word "Similan" is derived from the Malaysian word "sembilan" which means "Nine" and there are nine granite islands. For many generations, the only human visitors were the so-called Sea Gypsies who came to fish on the teeming reefs. The Similan Islands were formed some 100-150 million years ago. There present formation is derived from cracked granite rock which has been sculpted from the winds and waves. 

The Nine Islands in the Similan Group / Thailand are: (running from North to South):

Koh Bangu (No.9), Koh Similan (No.8), Koh Pabu (No.7), Koh Payu (No.6), Koh Ha (No.5), Koh Miang (No.4), Koh Payan (No.3), Koh Payang (No.2) and Koh Huyong (No.1).

The Similan / Thailand were designated as a National Park in 1982. The rangers of the Similan National Marine Park take great pride in the conservation of the islands and have closed islands No.1-3. Island No.1 is turtle inhabitation. High season in this area officially begins in November, and ends in May, but the visibility varies all year round, from generally 20 meters to sometimes over 40 meters.

On the west side of the Simialn islands, the granite has been eroded into massive blocks. Scuba diving here, you can explore swim-throughs, avoiding the huge sea fans; you may see a shy white-tip or black-tip shark, as they speed off into the blue. In good visibility, the granite boulders truly can seem like an underwater city. On the east side of the Similan islands, you can drift through coral gardens and streams of fusiliers, watch dozens of feather worms pop closed as you pass, or observe fields of garden eels, swaying in the sand.

Dive sites such as Boulder City, Baracuda Point, Fantasea Reef, Deep Six, Beacon Reef, Breakfast Bend, Christmas Point, Deep Six, East of Eden, Shark Fin Reef, Stonehenge, and Elephant Head are only some of many fantastic dives sites at the Similan Islands.

Surin Island


Of course, no trip to the Similan’s is complete without visiting the nearby Surin National Park. This is the site of the Richelieu Rock, world-famous for sightings of the magnificent, yet gentle, whale shark. Also, Ko Bon and Koh Tachai are top class dives and are the best places to see manta rays.

The reefs are home to a multitude of tropical fish of all sizes, shapes and colours, with frequent sightings of turtles, rays and sharks.

Dive sites such as Hin Rap and Koh Tornilla are only some of many fantastic dives sites at the Surin Islands. 

Koh Bon, Koh Tachai & Richelieu Rock


Further up north, some extraordinary scuba dive sites invite the adventurous scuba diver to some unforgettable underwater excursions. Richelieu Rock is an outstanding scuba dive site about 10 miles southeast of Surin Island.

The plankton concentration here is often very high and thus, the amount and variety of fish and coral is larger than anywhere else on Thailand's west coast.

Located halfway between Surin and Similan, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon offer fantastic scuba dives with many soft coral and schools of large tuna and barracudas.

The main attraction of Koh Tachai is a huge underwater reef with big boulders, sea fans, and swim-throughs. Koh Bon is the ultimate spot for deep dives, as the impressive reefs and walls drop down to depths of more than 45 meters (150 ft.) in crystal clear, blue water. Also, manta rays are frequently sighted in this area. 

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